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"...Nobody really knows anything about the work-a-day lot, as they were not deemed important enough to remember, let alone document in any sort of memorable way; but it was them what made life possible." (paraphrase of Ruth Goodman ~ Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm, Wartime Farm, Victorian Pharmacy)
So I add one more piece to the myriad of others that are forming the mosaic that is the work-a-day lot. 
My schedule for housekeeping and associated terminology come primarily from I have tweaked, twisted, changed, rearranged, and altered it to suit my gifts, graces, and limitations. Chances are the good ideas came from her and the not-so-much ideas came from me. 
These are my days and nights, my tries and is my life. It is not perfect, it is not always even is always an adventure and always family friendly. Having said that...this is a free-page site and as such I have no control over the content of the adverts and what-all of the sponsors.
Enjoy your visit and please come back as often as you'd like or not; either way, please sign the guestbook so I know for whom to give thanks. Blessings upon you and your household.

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